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I got them last session of the year feels.  You know?  You have heard of those right?

Anderson (7).jpg

The Anderson’s were the perfect last session to my year.  I mean two cute little boys with some rad parents what more do I need to say.  We took the pictures in Soco, one of my favorite places.  You just can’t beat the “Willie for President” mural.  Austinites sure love Willie.  He’s got murals and picnics all over this place.  Anderson (10)

As always as the year comes to an end I reflect.  The beginning of 2017 seems so far away, yet I feel like the year flew by.  How’s that?

Do I really have to already start preparing to write 2018 instead of 2017 on my checks?  Oh yea people don’t use checks anymore.  No problem there.


I could tell ya all about my year, but I’ll save that for another post.  Honestly, I am just am so excited for what’s to come.  Each year I feel and see the growth in myself that I am just ready to keep on doing that. Anderson (39)Anderson (49)Anderson (52)

I am ready for big things, and even the little things.

Anderson (68)Anderson (71)

Hoping that my last session being in Austin, is a sign for the year to come.  Thank you to the Anderson family for finding a parking spot on Soco to let me take your picture.  We all know that’s no easy task.

Watch out 2018 here I come!

My current….

High:  Getting married in less than five months

Low:  My foot fell asleep while doing this blog post

Funny:  Whatca doing Terr video…click this!

Current Obsession:  New Pillow

Current Song:  Young Dumb and Broke (Don’t judge a song by it’s title like I did with this song I was really missing out for some time)

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