Ison Turns One

I blogged my last session of the year, so I thought I better blog my first of this year.  Here I am sitting here with my babe while the Super Bowl is playing in the background.  Don’t worry I stopped and watched JT for the half-time show.  That black leather fringe jacket!  GET out of town with that!  What about that sweet preteen that got a super bowl selfie with Justin.  Did that kid even know who Justin was?  I mean don’t get me wrong I am sure he will have bragging rights for years to come, BUT let’s get real that kid barely knew the words he was singing.  Either way I LOVED it!  I always love the half-time show.  The second I saw that jacket I was sold.  Ok on to what we came here for… the pictures!

I loved everything about this in-home session.  Destany contacted me months in advance  to start planning something for Ison’s first birthday.  (PS I love when people chat me up to plan things.  I want more of this please.)  Being in January we were limited with sticking to indoors.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  So excuse me while I upload basically their whole session, because it’s too cute to narrow it down.

IsonONE (11)

The “who are you lady” look.

IsonONE (13)

IsonONE (19)


IsonONE (22)

Nailed it!IsonONE (23)IsonONE (24)

Those feet.

IsonONE (28)

“Mooooommm!  Where do your think you’re going? Don’t leave me with crazy lady!” These aren’t just my thoughts he really said that.  Ok ok I bet he would have if he could.

IsonONE (33)

IsonONE (31)

IsonONE (36)IsonONE (34)

IsonONE (41)IsonONE (49)IsonONE (47)

Check out that baby hand photo bombing the pic.  It’s basically exactly what I imagine having a kid is like.  IsonONE (66)IsonONE (67)IsonONE (68)IsonONE (70)

IsonONE (53)

IsonONE (62)IsonONE (61)IsonONE (60)

IsonONE (79)IsonONE (81)

Ummm adorable!  That little baby bum!

IsonONE (130)IsonONE (132)IsonONE (133)IsonONE (134)IsonONE (137)

IsonONE (139)

IsonONE (147)

My current….

High:  Getting married in hmmm I am not even doing a countdown.  May 5th.  That’s all I can remember.

Low:  Tomorrow is Monday

Funny:   Crashing on HBO it’s pretty funny

Current Obsession:  My wedding shoes.  I have been trying to break those puppies in.

Current Song: Bodak Yellow  “Look, I don’t dance now, I make money moves”

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  1. How awesome is this? Mr. Christian used to work for me at the daycare and Stillwater several years back. He was the best male teacher we have ever had and still is. He was so good with the children and in fact my kids still talk about him teaching them yoga. I’m so glad to see how happy he is. You two or three should I say are absolutely adorable!

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