Marnie’s Newborn Home Session

Newborn sessions are the best when the baby is around 10 days old.  Sometimes with life that doesn’t always happen.  That’s why I love home sessions, so I can get mom and dad in on the deal.  I am a studio less photographer, so it really works for me.  Typically, parents love the idea of me coming to them.  Makes it easier on them, so it’s a win win.

Nothing is like getting to shoot one of your dearest friend’s pictures.  It really is the best.  Being a mom looks so good on you, Morgan.  There’s no denying that Marnie is Drew made over.  We included some sweet details of a ring that Mogran’s dad had given to her mom a long time ago.  Fingers crossed that story is right.  Also, a necklace that Drew’s mom had given to the baby.  A baby with jewelry always instantly makes me melt.  Styling and profiling for sure.  Marnie was the perfect baby model, and totally nailed her flower bath.  Scroll to check it all out.

My currents

Low:  That I still haven’t sent out my ‘thank you’ cards from the wedding.  It’s so on the list.  Still in awe of everyone’s generosity.  People are really nice, and after going through it all I hope I am as helpful as people were to me.  It was unbelievable the love we received.  Forever grateful.

High:  Still on cloud nine from getting married.  It was all I ever imagined and more.

Funny:  Our father’s day gift to my father-in-law.  We got the the socks with faces on them.  A total hit.  My third time to order the socks as gift I highly recommend them.  The website I used is  Trust me use this site.  I used another site for the second pair and was disappointed.

Current obsession:  Orange Theory Fitness.  I have drank the kool-aid.  I love that class.

Current song:  Powerglide by SR3MM

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