This is 32, or am I 33

I seriously had to do the math to even remember how old I am.  Born in 1985, so 2017 minus that is, ok ok I am 32.  I have been wanting to start a blog for awhile now, even possibly was a New Year’s resolution.  Several months into the year, you can see that didn’t happen.  SO I thought when else is a good time to set some goals and get things done.  Well really the NOW is always the best to do that, but my answer was my birthday.  My birthday was May 25 almost a month ago.  I think I am doing much better than my previous New Year’s resolution, to start this blog.  When I had this plan little did I know that I would have so much to say about my birthday.

I am going to tell you my low, high and a funny moment to get this thing going.  I’ll start with the low, so we can end on a good note.

The low was losing our dog.  I like to think of Christian and I as a mini Brady Bunch.  Meaning when we started our relationship he had a dog, and I had a dog.  Although, Tank was Christian’s dog.  He had become mine, whether he liked it or not.  I have never seen a dog be so loyal to their owner as Tank was to Christian.  Tank followed Christian everywhere even the bathroom.  They were some totally stinky dudes together.  We miss him so much, stinkiness and all.




Let’s move onto my high.   I am a birthday person.  I like to celebrate my birthday by planning something. Some people like to have birth month, I am cool with about a week.  Austin (Texas) decided to start it off right with Blues on the Green.  This is one of my favorite Austin experiences.  It’s a free music event at Zilker park.  The thing I have learned here in Austin is that if it is free expect at least a million people.  We went and had the best time listening to one of our favorite bands, Jamestown Revival.  Here’s my favorite song by them, Wandering Man.

On my actual birthday we had plans to stay at a tree house near Austin, Cyress Valley Canopy Tours..  When we got there we took the zip line tour.  After that we decided to mosey on into a nearby town called Spicewood, for some dinner and drinks.  The day was great, but little did I know it was to get better.

For our anniversary, which is just ten days before my birthday, we have a jar that we place nice notes in throughout the year.  We had decided to wait to go through all the notes when we went on our adventure.  Christian suggests we do the notes then, and to set up the GoPro for footage just in case we want to use any of it for a video.  None of this seemed out of the ordinary, until he suggested we sat on the edge of the bed.  I gave a little push back to why I wanted to lean back and get cozy.  He won me over with the argument it would look better for the GoPro.   Few minutes into the notes, I pull one out that was colored orange.  As I open the paper, he leans back to reach for something under the pillow.  Then, he gets on not one a but two knees.  He asked me to marry him.  I said yes.  He tried to put the ring on the wrong hand.  It was the sweetest thing.  He asked me again.  “Will you marry me?”  I guess in all the commotion he didn’t hear my first yes.  It was great.  Then we just stared at the ring for the rest of the night.

Pics were taken the next morning.



Onto the funny, we headed to the beach for a few days after our night stay in the tree house.  The beach isn’t far from Austin, about a three hour drive.   We get to Corpus Christi, and  things are good.  We went out dancing.  Shout out to Whiskey Rivers for being a super cool mix of some two-stepping and the wobble.

Christian was pretty excited about getting some fire poi pictures on the beach.  Our plan was to take them at sunrise, after seeing the crowds at sunset.  So it’s early we get to the beach.  Only one other couple was there and a homeless man.  Prefect.  Well it’s really really windy.   Christian tries to get the poi lit.  He finally gets them lit, and in his excitement throws the lighter out of the shot, I assume.  I fumbled through my settings to get the perfect shot, then his poi goes out.  No worries, we will just relight them.  The clock is ticking.  The sun is coming up quickly.  We go to find the lighter, and it’s impossible.  We looked and looked, and then the sun was up.  Who knew it would be so hard to find a lighter in the sand.  _RAE2778_1.JPG

This is 32.  My plan is to use this blog for my memories and my business.  I want to mix them, because it’s who I am.

Low:  losing a loved one

High:  getting engaged

Funny:  Christian

Current obsession: Berry LaCroix

Current song:  (since I got engaged) Thinking Bout You by Frank Ocean


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  1. This is beautiful Rae! I’m glad you started something like this! It is so up your alley! Loved reading this. Can’t wIt for the next post!

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