The Artist


Hey there! I’m Raeanne, a hippie at heart, dancing fool and a wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas. Not only do I love to be there for couples on one of their best days of their lives, but also in their everyday moments as well. As much a we all love a perfectly posed picture, I live for the in between moments.

The dude with me is my husband, Christian.  He is a wild heart native american who believes in doing what it takes to be happy.  I am the queen of self-timer, and glad my husband plays along with my shenanigans.

My drug of choice is Nikon.  I love my 35 mm, and it rarely leaves my camera.  I am also known to bring a GoPro along for just about any occasion.

No job is too big or small. Please reach out, so we chat about it.  As Sir Mix-A-Lot says, “I wanna get with ya and take ya picture.”