Jordy + Alex Sunday Vibes in Downtown Tulsa at 21 and a Half Boutique Hotel

This summer I got to spend three weeks in Norman, Oklahoma.  I taught photography at an arts academy.  I was surrounded by other artists that were teaching at the academy as well, and absolutely loved the feeling of camaraderie that I felt while I was there.  It was an inspiring experience being around other working artists in varies mediums.

I knew that while I was visiting I wanted to do a lot of shooting, so that’s exactly what I did.  I had been eyeing 21 1/2 Boutique Hotel in Tulsa on Instagram for some time.  So I booked a room.  This trip within my trip was exactly what my soul needed.  I had a cute place to stay, ordered pizza for myself, accidentally ran into my cousin (Oklahoma stuff), took random photos of the wall murals and of course scheduled some pictures for my stay.  Jordy and Alex were happy to come help me out.  Alex pretended to be nervous, but as you can see they both killed it.  This trip will forever be the time I fell in love with Tulsa.





My Currents

High:  Of course the holidays.  I am a summer gal at heart, but love the love that the holidays bring.

Low:  That I haven’t blogged in two months. Whoops.

Funny:  Still this video where the little girl has lipstick on that she got from Home Depot.

Current Show:  Survior

Current song: A Little Light by Sturgill Simpson


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