Michael + Malia

Story time!  Life is funny and beautiful isn’t it?  I moved to Austin two years ago.  At the time I just had started dating this guy, my now fiance.  He liked to long board, so I got this bright idea that I would buy a long board and learn how to skate to surprise him.  That’s where Malia comes into play.  I went to Craigslist, and among several posts there was Malia’s.  New to Austin and forever nervous about the Craigslist killer, I picked Malia’s post because it was a screenshot of her Instagram.  So like any smart gal I looked her up on the Gram.  In her bio she mentioned she worked at Birds Barbershop.  I had been looking to apply there, but yet made a move.  So after meeting Malia to pickup the longboard, I asked about Birds.  She sang praises, and I applied.

M&M (221)Fast forward a bit.  When Malia asked me to be their photographer I couldn’t wait to meet Michael.  Malia is such a sweetheart and a bodacious babe with her beachy vibes.  After meeting them at Radio Coffee to discuss the big day.  I knew they were a perfect match.  Michael was just as cool.

M&M (220)

M&M (19)

M&M (24)

Now that you are filled in on the backstory, let me tell you about the day.  They wanted to do a first look.  I love first looks.  If you’re on the fence about doing one, let me just say do it.  Not only does it make for a sweet special moment just between the two of you, ok really the three of us, it makes for some pretty great pictures.  You still get that walk down the aisle first look as well.  It’s just as sweet.

M&M (32)

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M&M (46)

They wanted a small to do with just a few there.  Chapel Dulcinea was the perfect spot for them.  This chapel is located right outside of Austin in hill country.  The outdoor chapel has a unique concept.  It’s a donation based venue, that has been dubbed as the free wedding chapel.  Founded by two lovebirds, Roy and Pennie Williams, who just want to help provide a spot for couples in love to have a place to get married that may be in a similar situation when they married.  That’s pretty neat if you ask me.

M&M (53) M&M (55)

Surprises!  I love surprises.  Michael surprised Malia by playing the ukulele as she walked down the aisle.  It was so sweet.

M&M (58)

M&M (60)

M&M (65)

M&M (74)

M&M (68)

M&M (77)

At Chapel Dulcinea, once you say your “I dos” you get to the ring the bell.  It’s pretty exciting.

M&M (83)

M&M (84)

M&M (88)

M&M (103)

M&M (109)

M&M (123)M&M (129)

Ok, so I have to admit when they told me the wedding time was at 1:30.  I instantly was like ‘oh no the lighting’.  That is basically the same time when the light is the harshest. So I did what anyone would do and said forget the rules, and decided to just shoot  and concentrate on their love.  In Texas in July at 1:30 it’s pretty dang hot.  These guys were straight up troopers.  We still got all the shots just the same.

M&M (166)

M&M (136)

M&M (142)

M&M (147)

M&M (148)

All in all it was beautiful and perfect for them.

M&M (171)M&M (228)M&M (231)

Photographer: Auburn Rae Photography

Venue: Chapel Dulcinea

Hair and Makeup:  Zoey Ellingwood

Floral Crown:  Tyler Marie Villa


Song I think you should heard: Out Loud – Dispatch

Current obsession:  Venmo (making everyone’s life easier)


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