Fun at the Fair

I always love the fair.  I thought Tuesday would be a great day to check it out.  Thinking it would be less busy and such.  In true Austin fashion, there were a million people.  Two dollar Tuesday who knew that was a thing.  We survived the crowds.  We shared a turkey leg and a caramel apple.   (Turkey leg not pictured sorry Jenkins).  We even braved the swing.

My current….

High:  Getting RSVPS.  It is so exciting to check the mail daily.  Christian and I race to see who gets to open it first.  We have started to take turns.  PS sorry for all the unanswered RSVPS that I have ever let happen.  I never knew how important they were.

Low:  Losing my house key.   Easy to replace. Just something you never think about until you are locked out of the house at lunch.

Funny:  The RSVP responses are pretty funny.

Current Obsession:  Orange Theory Fitness.  I just started, and I love it.

Current Song: I saw the Light by Charley Crockett


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