Micah + Jacob

Put your kid in band or music classes.  For reals, I am always so envious of musical people.  The best I got is being able to sing too loud and off key in the car with no shame.  No shame is crucial here.  It’s like I don’t even care that I can’t sing.  I still just do it.

I asked Micah to tell me about herself and her lover.  Here’s what she said… “we decided that we would wake up every day and decide to be together and be there for each other just like we did in that moment. He’s a symphony musician, I’m a performing artist/writer. We love to enjoy the sun + outdoors together. We’re constantly trying to come up with new ways to show each other love and it’s always an adventure.”

I believe this session summed up her description perfectly.

My currents

High:  That Big Brother starts tonight! Summer is officially here.  Any BB fans out there?  Hit me up let’s chat.

Current obsession:  P Terry’s lemonade.  I don’t even like lemonade, and I love this stuff.  Fresh squeezed is where it’s at.

Current song:  Best Life by Cardi B featuring Chance the Rapper

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