Boho on Soco at the Jones Center in Austin, Texas {Brandon + Sophia}

You know what I love?  Workshops.  Workshops are fun and the perfect place to experiment.  You meet lots of cool vendors and learn some along the way.  I want to learn more, so I can grow more.  This was the beginning of that for me.

This workshop couldn’t have gone any better, well except I should of parked in a better parking spot.  I had to feed the meter three times, so I wouldn’t get a ticket.  Downtown can be tricky like that, but also such a cool backdrop for some awesome pictures.  Scroll through to take a peek.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The Talented Vendors for this shoot:
Styling & Coordination: Lynsie Novy of Pearl Events Austin
Bridal boutique: Unbridaled
Dress: Ami from Rue De Seine
Jewelry: Shaesby
Menswear: Bonobos (The Domain Northside)
Bride’s hat: Goorin Bros. SoCo of Goorin Bros
Rentals: Loot Rentals
And just because I like to sneak in some pics of the vendors.

My Currents

High:  It’s 2019.  I try not to get too caught up in the new year, new me stuff.  However, there is something nice about the feeling of the reset button.  Where you can look back and see all where you have grown.  Either way watch out 2019 here I come.

Low:  It’s so cold and rainy.  What is the winter business about, Austin, Texas?

Funny:  For New Year’s Eve we decided to live on the edge and go out. We dressed up and paid a ridiculous amount for tickets. Got to the venue.  We were there for maybe 15 minutes decided it was too cold, and we aren’t putting up with shit like that for the new year. So we left. Here’s to not being cold, putting up with shit ya don’t need to and realizing that you totally fine with being an old married couple that rings in the new year on the couch.

Current Show:  Killing Eve.  Watch it asap, so we can chat about it.

Current song:

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