Joel + Alaina (P. Terry’s love)


I am going to start this blog with a bold statement.  P. Terry’s is better than In-N-Out.  There I said it.  P. Terry’s is an Austin born company, while In-N-Out was founded in California.  I could go into all the differences of why I think so, but I’ll let you taste the difference for yourself.  Let me know what you think.

I was seeing all these cute In-N-Out photos on Instagram, so I wanted to Austin it up.  Thankfully, Joel and Alaina were on board to create this Austin magic.

The next picture is an example of this guy who is clearly “keeping it weird”, Austin’s catch phrase.

I have so many questions.  How does he stop?  Why?  How?  Why?  I myself am a very short person.  I get freaked out when I ride a bike and my feet can’t reach the ground to stop.  This guy is embracing it.

My Currents

High:  Getting our wedding featured on Junebug Weddings

Low:  If you’re not into reading gross stuff skip this now.  I have this crazy mole that popped up and it is pretty gross looking.  Going to the dr. Friday to get it looked at.

Funny:  I told Christian I was really wanting a baked potato for diner.  Somehow he took that as I had already gotten them.  He went to the grocery store right after work.  Came home asked him if he got me a potato.  He said I thought you got some.  We share a car, so how and when could I have gotten a potato.  Miscommunication at it’s finest.

Current obsession:  My new silk pillow case.  Real silk.  It’s so silky and smooth.

Current song:  Wake Up by Travis Scott



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