Something Blue Wedding Inspiration in Austin, Texas

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue is all I could think of when I saw this dress.  This wedding tradition is said to bring good fortune.  I think it’s one of my favorite traditions.  Mainly, because it’s one that not many others besides the bride herself even know if she deciding to do it or not.  Therefore, I think it’s kind of quirky and very personal to each bride.

Did you do it?  I did.  I thought it was such a simple way to include some very special items.  My dad gifted me a sweet little necklace that was blue without me even mentioning the tradition.  I thought that was so nice of him to have thought of it, and made this tradition even more special for me.

This wedding inspiration was located at Laguna Gloria in Austin, Texas.  This was my first visit here, and it was hard for me to believe I was still in Texas.  It’s beautiful and dreamy with palms and art installations scattered throughout.  Highly recommend checking it out.

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The Talented Vendors

Styling & Coordination: Lynsie Novy of Pearl Events Austin
Bridal boutique: Unbridaled
Dress: Aegean from Rue De Seine
Jewelry: Shaesby
Menswear: Bonobos (The Domain Northside)
Rentals: Loot Rentals
Bakery: Cakes Rock

My Currents

High:  Excited to run in the Austin Marathon in less than two weeks.  My husband and I have been training for what seems like forever.  I am ready to get the dang thing done.

Low: Finding out my beloved lemonade from P Terry’s has a ton of carbs in it.  WHY!!  I am not doing low carb or anything, but now that I know how many are in there I can’t enjoy as freely as I once was.

Funny:  Last night I thought Christian was asleep in bed.  All the sudden he burst out into “na na na na na hey hey-ey goodbye”.  While I know no one else will find this funny (had to be there kind of moment) I want to put this down anyways.  Some of my favorite moments of us are just late night laughs in the bed.

Current Show:  Big Brother Celebrity!  Loving it!  I never know what night it comes on.  There seems to be no certain schedule.  It’s a total mess, and I am all about it.

Current song: Ok before I say I must tell ya don’t click on this link at work.  Do it in the privacy of your home when no one else is around.  Ok ok maybe not that extreme, but I am feeling the song for sure.  The video is well you just can’t look away. City Girls – Twerk ft. Cardi B

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