Riley + Tyler

I have this weird thing where I like to hoard my favorite photos.  It’s like I am saving them for the right moment.  Which doesn’t make sense, because this is the moment and the internet is the occasion.   I do the same thing with outfits.  I always am waiting for some special occasion to come in order to wear it.  When I should just really wear it everyday if I like it so much.  Either way here we are and I have waited far too long to blog this session.

I met Riley and Tyler at a concert,  Nahko and Medicine for the People, here in Austin, Texas.  I knew I had to take these two love bird’s photos when I saw them,.  They were both visiting from out of town, so the next day we made it happen.  While it was rainy outside and with a limited schedule I transformed my living room in to the perfect boho spot for these two.  I love when things fall into place, and this was for sure one of those things that just worked out.

Nahko (4)

Nahko (2)

Nahko (10)

Nahko (43)

Nahko (48)

Nahko (32)

Nahko (55)

Nahko (54)

My Currents

High:  I ran a marathon.  Yep, the full 26.2 miles.  This was my second one to complete.  I said I was never doing it again after the first.  However, I’ll try anything twice.  You know just to make sure.

Low:  At the race most people run the half marathon.  You start off with all these people running along you, and then at the half way point everybody turns to the (half marathon) finish line, while you have to keep going straight.  All the people along the sidelines are hollering you’re almost there, when in fact you are not.  Seriously, I kept going straight only half way done, and it was like a I was the only one in the world at that moment.  Although, I quickly remembered that from my first race I for sure had blocked it and wasn’t prepared for it.

Funny:  Here’s a funny thing, when some people find out I ran the marathon they ask “did you train for it?”  GUYS.  I don’t know anyone who could not train and get out there and do that.  I trained for months and barely made it.  I know they mean well, but it’s a pretty funny question to ask.

Current Show:  Survivor is back.  We are one week in, and I am all in.

Current song:  Cuz I Love You by LIzzo

2 thoughts on “Riley + Tyler

  1. “Did you train for it?” 😂
    Here’s your sign.

    Enjoyed the blog on my first time here. Nice format and just the right length. GREAT pics. Very intimate.

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