Elizabeth + Michael at Pearl Snap Hall in Georgetown, TX

This styled shoot was located in Georgetown, Texas.  Georgetown is just a hop, jump and a skip from Austin.  I was excited to get out of town and check out Pearl Snap Hall.  It did not disappoint.  I absolutely loved the chapel.  The vintage feel from the old wooden floors reminded me of that being at home feeling.  Plus, the natural light that beamed through all the windows was perfect for photos.

Michael and Elizabeth are a real couple, so that makes all the difference.  You can really see how much they care for each other.  Their playfulness stood out to me.  They even joked about sending their parents the photos of them two “tying the knot”.  “Surprise we got married.  Just kidding.”  Can you imagine mom’s reaction?  The shoot went flawlessly.  Now I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.




The Talented Vendors For This Shoot

Venue: Pearl Snap Hall
Design: Big Time Creatives
Florist: Wildly Cultivated Florals
Rentals: Loot Rentals
Dresses: Rue De Seine from Unbridaled
Jewelry: Shaesby
Stationery: Poppies and Ink
Hair and Makeup: LUSTREBella
Models: Elizabeth Lestina + Michael Ward
Workshop: Nikk Nguyen Photo
Photographer: Auburn Rae Photography

My Currents

High:  Today was just a good day.  I feel like I kicked ass and took names.  Although, I did neither.  It was just good, so I am riding that high.

Low:  My toe is bruised from the marathon.  I know.  I know more marathon talk, but a bruised toe is more painful than you think.

Funny:  So Christian and I bought, yes bought and paid for, an old season of Jersey Shore that we had never seen before.

Current Show:  Survivor.  I am loving the extinction island twist.  I can’t wait to see what comes of it.  More Reem, please.

Current song:  I just heard this song, so I hope it lives up to getting a shout out.  Slow Down by Maverick Sabre

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