Davis Date Night

More times than not when I go out my favorite part comes way before the actual event.  It’s the shopping and getting ready part.  By the time hair, makeup and actually putting on clothes gets done.  I am done as well.  Well not really, but you get the idea.  Like Pee Wee says “take a picture it will last longer.”  What a fun date night to get dressed up and take a picture for it to really last longer.  These mini sessions are perfect for just that.

Esther messaged me saying she wanted to do a shoot with just mainly her husband, because they are celebrating ten years together this summer.  All I can say is if this is what ten years together looks like sign me up.


High:  Excited that I am getting ready to teach at the Chickasaw Arts Academy.

Current obsession:  Big Brother

Current song:  Hey Stranger by Mandolin Orange

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