Hayley & Ashley Senior Session

All I know is when I was a senior I had to walk five miles to school in the snow.  Kidding.  Style in my day was American Eagle t-shirts and Dr. Martens, which is exactly what I wore in my senior pictures.  Pretty boring, which both of those may be back in fashion again.  I am to that age where I am old enough for something to make a “come back.”

My senior pictures were the real first time I remember getting my pictures made.  It was such a big moment.  I still remember taking them.  I remember all the odd places we went, and thinking “we are taking them here.”  I can only imagine that’s exactly how my clients think as well.  “Here. Really?”

These girls bought their A game when it came to style.  I love senior sessions, so getting to do two senior sessions at once was double the fun.  These girls were awesome, and their sweet momma was weeping over her babies growing up throughout the whole session.

My Currents

High:  Big Brother.  I am living for Big Brother at the moment.  Oh, and I finally sent out my thank you cards.  Hallelujah!  What a relief!  Only took me three months.

Low:  Back to school is happening.  It feels like summer is over.  Even though summer really isn’t over til Halloween here in Austin.  Speaking of Halloween… what to be this year?  Hmmmm…

Current obsession:  Rob Has a Podacast, which ties into my Big Brother obsession.

Current song:  Hurry by Teyana Taylor


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